Planet of Lana

A tale of two sisters

Client: Wishfully
Project: Game

Wishfully Studios is a place of dreams, if you, like us, dream about cinematic gaming experiences. It’s also one of our sister studios, so when they come knocking – we come flying. The project they’re working on now, Planet of Lana, even made us go off-earth.

At its core, Planet of Lana is a rescue mission. A quest to save Lana’s older sister from a newly-arrived army of sinister machines on the far side of a mysterious, extragalactic planet. And if you think that the planet is strange, you should see the creatures that inhabits it. Needles to say, we can’t wait to show you around (in 2022 when the game is finished for release).

A screenshot of Planet of Lana
A screenshot of Planet of Lana
A screenshot of Planet of Lana
A screenshot of Planet of Lana
A screenshot of Planet of Lana

As mentioned, Wishfully is our sister studio and naturally Fully’s contribution to the project could best be described as ”sisterly”. Or even ”big sisterly”. We help our artistically superior sibling with the ”boring stuff”. We do structure and frameworks, help out with testing, performance optimization and management. Support programming here, puzzle prototyping there, and even web development when the need arises.

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Even though the sister parallel is starting to wear a little little thin, we can’t help but to do one last little one; we are truly bursting with pride over the realization of this project and can’t wait for graduation. 

Please, follow the development and watch a new world come to life:

Twitter: @wishfully_games

Instagram: @wishfullystudios

Site: wishfullystudios

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