Nya Styr & Ställ

A brand new fleet of city bikes

Client: Frank & Earnest
Project: Campaign site and video

Together with Frank & Earnest we designed and developed a fun and playfully animated campaign site for the rejuvenation of the city’s bike initiative.

10 year anniversary

The city of Gothenburg and Mölndal has a beloved bike rental system called Styr & Ställ, that’s been around for exactly a decade. On its 10 year anniversary it was time for an update and Fully were tasked to create a campaign site to show off the new bikes.

The art style handed to us was perfect for playful animation. And we focused a lot on making the animations run smoothly and cleanly in the browser. Swoosh, swoosh!

There were also a need for explainer videos – one for the Gothenburgers and one dedicated for the tourists, eager for some local exploration. We did concept and scripting, assets and animation.

Happy biking!

Selected work