Veterans Online

Brainy multiplayer battles

Client: Nuked Cockroach
Project: Game service

Veterans Online is an amazingly fun and super competitive top-down shooter that you play with trigger-happy adversaries from all around the world. Alas, we didn’t get to play the game enough to get good at it. But we did get to help build it.

Our client Nuked Cockroach is a a truly innovative developer and publisher. They’ve created an experience that’s full of clever solutions in-game as well as in the systems that surrounds it. And that’s where we came in – on the system side of things. We went to work building a fully integrated user management system coupled with an implementation of in-game purchases and rewards, a state of the art Twitch integration and various other services to support a modern gaming ecosystem. Moreover our sister studio Fully Multiplayer helped out with a rebuild of the entire network architecture and multiplayer code.

3 mobile screenshots of Veterans Online user area

When the game was released on Steam in May 2020 it created buzz right away. Trending in the Free-to-Play section almost immediately. With over 8 000 titles released on the platform in 2019 alone, that’s a pretty impressive feat.

We’re equally proud and grateful to play a part in the release of the game. And now, when the grind is over it’s time to focus on finally becoming twin-stick virtuosos. See you in the arena.

Selected work