The process of building this site

Multiple Sections

To be able to style all posts differently, I hade to come up with a sollution to add multiple sections in a markdown file.

First I tried to using an variable-list-array:

- Lorem ipsum section 1.
- |
  ## Headline for section 2
  Lorem ipsum section 2 with multiple lines and markdown

And then print out the sections in the layout:

<div>{{ page.sections[0] | markdownify }}</div>
<div>{{ page.sections[1] | markdownify }}</div>
<div>{{ page.sections[2] | markdownify }}</div>

But it wasn’t possible to add the markdownify filter to the array items. So hade to break up the sections in individual variables. I also checked if the current variable wasn’t null (nil) to prevent the codeblock from executing in case the variable wasn’t set.

{% unless page.section1 == nil %}
<div class="section section--1">
    <div class="text-content">
        {{ page.section1 | markdownify }}
{% endunless %}

Custom JS

To add custom javascript files to different post, I used this sollution described by Emma Tosch. First I addes the URL to the files in the post

- vivus.js
- curious/speed-bumps.js

Then in the layout, I looped trough the files and inlined them:

{% for js in cc.scripts %}
    {% assign root = 'js/' %}
    <script type="text/javascript">
    {% include {{ root | append: js }} %}
{% endfor %}

The js files are located in the include/js folder